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03 Oct 2019

Marketing Executive

Tania Haigh

CEO Magnolia Insights | founder Get Noticed Workshops for Women

Tania left McDonald’s corporation to launch her own marketing company – Magnolia Insights – for women, by women.  She needed landing pages, pitch decks and bios for various platforms.  After some PR exposure…

…her personal branding philosophy was soon in demand all across Chicagoland. She launched the Windy City’s boldest womens’ empowerment platform –”Get Noticed Workshops” – for which I crafted ads and collateral.

I also produced:

  • deck for “Get Noticed Week” sponsors
  • capabilities decks for Magnolia Insights prospects
  • presentation Tania delivered to the American Marketing Association
13 Oct 2019

Best Selling YA Author

 Suzanne Collins

author | screenwriter “Hunger Games” trilogy

As Marketing Director at the Magic Tree Bookstore I worked with Scholastic to entice the super private author to come meet hundreds of her fans. After seeing my CTAs and applications she agreed to fly out and present awards to winners of my Mockingjay contest at the midnight release party, which attracted hundreds of teens from five states. “What a creative campaign  – you’ve inspired so many kids!” she exclaimed, and told us she was happy she came.

YA book sales doubled, and the Magic Tree thrived for another decade.

13 Oct 2019

Disabilities Expert

Dr. Lisa Thornton

founder Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation for KidsRehab at the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital

As an assistant professor at the University of Chicago, Dr. Thornton appeared on CBS, CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, the Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show and the Steve Harvey Show. But her own publicity did not suffice to promote the stories of her patients-turned-friends.

When she was ready to present a more intimate portrait of the children behind the disabilities, and teach the rest of us how to enjoy them on their terms, she contracted me to write and pitch her book proposal.





13 Oct 2019


Jerry Kleiner

owner Carnivale, Gioco, Barbakoa, Poggiolo

The “high priest of Chicago’s restaurant industry” was ready to tell his life story to the world. He did the talking; I did the typing.  So by the time a reality show scout discovered this epic persona and mad cap career I was prepared to write the show pitch too!

03 Oct 2019

Marriage Therapist

Phil DeLuca LCSW

marriage therapy innovator

Phil’s unconventional method had saved so many marriages he couldn’t keep count. But it wasn’t branded or marketed.

After studying his work (and passing his quizzes) I developed a marketing plan to present him to the world as “The UnTalk Therapist.”  Phil’s been a guest on 12 radio shows and is currently preparing to appear on the Ask Dr. Nandi show, which is syndicated in 79 countries. Needless to say, his practice has expanded.

My marketing plan included:

  • a marriage quiz funnel with free webinar to promote:
  • a 5 Steps Back To Love course
  • website landing pages
  • patient e-blasts
  • Facebook ad campaign
  • professional platform bios
  • radio, TV show & TED Talk pitches
  • book proposal



06 Oct 2019


Jay Prenta

entrepreneur | philanthropist

A shrewd entrepreneur, Jay always had a secret passion for charities.  Finally he was ready to start his own – Words For Charity – a platform where even the most self-absorbed writers can give back while doing what they love.  I tagged it the home of the give-back buzz  and wrote:

22 Sep 2019

Fashion Designer

Halyna Hoestetler

award-winning fashion designer

She was ready to compete in the prestigious Phoenix Fashion Week, and very insistent that her bio and mission statement reflect the ethnic flair and hi-tech craft that weaves through all of her designs.  I wrote the copy and named her new winter line.

Halyna won 2019 Designer of the year.





13 Oct 2019


Freddie Rodriquez

actor| dancer | activist


The star of NBC’s “Night Shift” and HBO’s “Six Feet Under” yearned to tell a more personal story. He was pleased with my treatment, which was based just enough on his life to keep him comfortable, because, as he put it: “This story shows how art can save lives – like mine”.

13 Oct 2019

Celebrity Activist

Natalie Portman

actor | environmental activist

Natalie poured so much passion into Gorilla Docs, but her schedule did not allow very much time for PSAs.  She and OZONE Advertising & Design producer Kala Hanover  needed an interactive campaign to go viral ASAP. The timing was tight and the message had to be succinct.

They sighed with relief when I sent over the script.

13 Oct 2019

Jazz Vocalist

Jackie Allen

jazz vocalist | music educator

A chance to audition for Blue Note!  Jackie came to me, her haunting melodies in hand, and chose the lyrics that spoke to her.

A couple of months later Blue Note signed her and produced her album “Tangled” – an international sensation that’s still playing in boutiques, cafes and clubs from Paris to Sydney.