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He had already been named “Top Doctor” by Pheonix Magazine, and earned acclaim from researchers at some of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions. Now Dr. Lipskind had to take over and rebrand the clinic his father ran for 30 years.

He asked me to brainstorm some business names and taglines that ran the gamut – from distinguished and scientific to light and playful.  (He said he liked so many that it took a long time to choose).

Dr. Shane Lipskind

Dr. Shane Lipskind Fertility Clinic Names and Tag Lines

  • Precision Fertility: Cutting edge conception science
  • World Class Fertility: Arizona’s conception destination
  • Arizona Conception: Where your family begins
  • Arizona Reproductive Center: Where there’s no such thing as “impossible”  
  • Arizona Fertility Partners: “Impossible” not spoken here
  • Destiny Conception:  Where your cooing, gurgling dream comes true
  • Fertility Solutions: Where love and science conceive 
  • Custom Fertility: Your baby, your way
  • Dream Maker Fertility: Obsessed embryologists on a family-making mission 
  • Holistic Fertility: Where science and love conceive
  • Arizona Conception: Parenthood science from passionate experts
  • Masters of Conception: Arizona’s fertility gurus  
  • Fertility Hackers: Embryologists with high cred and chutzpah
  • Conceive Inc.: Home of Arizona’s family makers
  •  The Family Startup: Where Arizona’s fertility experts keep breaking records
  • Fertility Hub: Where Arizona conceives 
  • Arizona Parent Makers: Where science and love conceive
  • The Parent Incubator: Fertility care for mommies-and-daddies-to-be
  • The Fertility Suite: Where our science hosts your hope
  • The Fertility Club: We listen.  We care. You conceive. 
  • Arizona Fertility: Boutique conception care from passionate experts
  • New Nest Fertility: A home for your hope to conceive in
  • Arizona Fertility: Where stubborn is a good thing
  • Genesis Fertility: Where your family begins 
  • Wellspring Fertility: Where babies begin 
  • Arizona Embryology: Babies by science and love
  • Lipskind Fertility: Compassionate care from a doctor’s who’s been there
  • Babies By Shane – the fertility hacker
  • The Baby Makery: Fertility care from relentless optimists
  • BabyMaker Fertility: we exceed your eggspectations

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