Marriage Therapist

Phil DeLuca LCSW

marriage therapy innovator

Phil’s unconventional method had saved so many marriages he couldn’t keep count. But it wasn’t branded or marketed.

After studying his work (and passing his quizzes) I developed a marketing plan to present him to the world as “The UnTalk Therapist.”  Phil’s been a guest on 12 radio shows and is currently preparing to appear on the Ask Dr. Nandi show, which is syndicated in 79 countries. Needless to say, his practice has expanded.

My marketing plan included:

  • a marriage quiz funnel with free webinar to promote:
  • a 5 Steps Back To Love course
  • website landing pages
  • patient e-blasts
  • Facebook ad campaign
  • professional platform bios
  • radio, TV show & TED Talk pitches
  • book proposal



Personal Branding